Google Sniper Review Problems

Can You Trust Reviews of George Brown's Google Sniper Program?

Updated 8/25/2015

The Google Sniper program started out fine and then went terribly wrong over the years. If you are thinking of purchasing this program you are going to have a hard time finding a true review of the GSniper program.

If you want to see why you should avoid all versions of this program, I suggest you take a look at a recent warning I put out here:

One of the biggest problems is there is a ton of outdated information about this program. In other words, there are old reviews put out that are no longer relevant, reliable, or trustworthy.

Version 2.0

You'd think that new versions of a program would address previous problems, but in this case the new version seemed to be designed just to give a reason to relaunch the program and make more money for George Brown in 2015 and his affiliate partners. In fact, when version 3 came out, people were bombarded with ad after ad after ad along with all kinds of affiliate banners that were slickly, yet deceptively designed to make people think they would be able to make easy money on autopilot.

Whether the program is a scam or a legitimate way to make money online depends on who's reviewing it. Some of the people recommending it are simply shills for the program, but there are people who recommend it who have valid arguments in its favor. In any case, you may want to take a look at this post about it here.

**Coding a Sniper Code*

I have been compiling all kinds of reviews of this program and plan to code what I'm going to call a sniper table. I'm going to program it in PHP, HTML, CSS, and javascript, the language of the web. If you're not familiar with this type of coding, I'm going to take status codes and cross overlay them with sniper web codes.

Legitimate Google Sniper Reviews

There are several legitimate GoogleSniper reviews - most of them seem to be done by members of Wealthy Affiliate.

Fake Google Sniper Reviews

There are a ton of fake Google Sniper reviews - those are done by people like Justin Tribble - who is pretending to be Roy Tribble. That's an entirely different story altogether. He's making a fortune scamming people.

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