Google Sniper Complaints

Gsniper Complaints

If you've read my review of the Google Sniper system, then you probably realize that I have several complaints about the program. Of course, there are also the complaints from people who purchased the program that you'll want to know about as well.

You can get more details about all of this in my review here:

Here are some of the complaints you'll find:

  • Some of the material is outdated…but unless you already know what you're doing, you won't know which parts are outdated and which are still relevant. That's going to make getting started very difficult for most people, not to mention difficult for them to get the kind of results they want. So many reviews have explained that, that you'd think George Brown would get on that and fix things.
  • People who purchased the original course were promised lifetime updates, but apparently were charged for version 2.0. I'm saying "apparently" because I haven't found definitive proof of that yet.
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